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- Advanced Membership & Mentorship


CEO Couse


Basic Trading

The basics segment of the course provides knowledge on the technical of trading for new beginning traders. Everything will be made simple to make it easier for a beginner to understand the language of forex.


Intermediate Trading

The intermediate phase of the course teaches you the technical aspect of trading once you've mastered the basics. Demonstrating to you how to analyse a simple chart to predict where the market will head to next.


Advanced Trading

The advanced section of the course will teach you how to utilise fundamentals to your advantage so that you may profit from market movement and use the strength of various currencies to support your market bias.



The Extras section will teach you psychological tactics that professionals use in their day-to-day trading and the traits of Achievement Oriented Individuals, providing you the ability to replicate and accelerate your success.


SMC Course


Important Terminology

SMC means Smart Money Concepts. This segment of the course will include all the important terminology you will need to know to complete the rest of this course.


Chart Setup

The chart setup section will show you how to lay out your chart, including indicators and time frames you will need to be using. This segment will set you up to be able to analyse the market in the next section.


SMC Strategy

The SMC Strategy will help you understand how you can use biases to your advantage to pick what side of the market you are on. You will also be given a trading model to work with along side with examples.



The DXY section is the last and finishing touch of the different segments. This section will include how to use the DXY to trade currency pairs such as EURUSD, given the secrets and key methods when trading with correlation.

The Secrets To Success

Secrets To Success


Approach & Expectations

The perfect approach & expectations to have when starting as a beginner trader, cutting out all the false expectations 90% of traders have.



This section includes causes to bad phycology & ways to better it. You will also understand the difference between a good trading mindset compared to a bad one.



Having good discipline is the make or break for a traders success. In this section I make it clear how simple it is, removing the need of overcomplicating it.


Journaling & Routine

Journaling & Routine is the day to day action a trader takes to avoid making the same mistake & to prepare their head space before attempting to trade the markets.

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