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CEO Members Signals 

Joining the CEO Traders will entitle you to free indicators and robots as well as weekly trades and access to the CEO area. Make profits by having a professional provide you trades to mimic instead of learning market analysis yourself.

80% Win Rate

Follow an Expert with years of trading expertise to save time and money and become a successful trader yourself. I, an experienced trader, will send a Forex signal to the group when there is a strong opportunity to enter a trade on a currency pair with a precise entry price, take profit price, and stop-loss price. You only receive signals at confirmed trade setups using chart analysis, giving you the assurance you need to execute the trade. By using the paid service make profits right away and allowing the results to speak for themselves, you can see profitable growth in your account.

Free Access to Robots/Indicators

As a member of the CEO Traders, you will have unrestricted access to free robots and indicators. When analysing the markets or gaining confidence to imitate the signals, make use of the free indicators. While having the choice to automate your trading account with free member access to robots. These trading tools have the potential to advance your trade if applied properly.

Free Access To The CEO Area

The CEO Area, where you can view the signals history from prior trades made using the CEO Signals, access to necessary trading tools, access to the CEO webinar, the ability to schedule 1:1 calls with me, tutorials on how to set up a demo/real account, and many other benefits are available in the CEO Area.

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Get 30% Off

CEO Traders Free Signals

Join the CEO Traders free signals right away, allowing you to make a little money on the side while gaining some confidence and experience.

Build Confidence

As a beginning trader learning the market, develop a little bit of confidence while placing trades. With the help of the free signals group, get an understanding of the technical and fundamental aspects of the market while earning a little profit.

Gain Experience

With the assistance of the signals group, get experience trading in real-time on the market for free while becoming comfortable with setting orders with stop losses and take profits.

Let The Results Speak

Letting the CEO Trading Group's performance speak for itself will set it apart from every other group that provides signals while also having the opportunity to benefit for free.


"The Best Signal Group!! You will hit more TP than SL. I would say 85% are right! Great response rate from forex channels when i need to know something. Definitely, recommend getting involved!”


"When I first started with ak’s signals I knew barely anything about forex, after the second signal he gave out I was already up £500+. Never thought money could be this easy to make."


"Ak has given me around 10 signals since we first started and no word of a lie it has made me hundreds of pounds worth of profit. His signals have been successful 80% of the time. I reccomed purchasing his signals if you want to make good money." 
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