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Recommended Pairs:  Any


Time Frame:  Any


Broker: Anyone with good liquidity and five-digit instruments.


This "Wolfe Wave Dashboard" Indicator Scans ALL Currency Pairs & ALL Time-Frames For Wolfe Wave Patterns - The Most Reliable Predictive Reversal Pattern IMHO…

There's a natural pattern that occurs in every market and on every time-frame. It's called Wolfe Wave. And the interesting part about this pattern is that...

The shape of a Wolfe Wave pattern shows a fight for balance, between supply and demand...

And this is particularly important because...

When the pattern is completed, that means the fight for balance has ended. And you'd know which side has won: Supply or Demand, Bulls or Bears.

In other words, you'd immediately know (with high probability) which direction the market is heading.


Here's how it accomplishes this amazing feat:

Once a Wolfe Wave pattern has formed, the indicator waits for a breakout in the direction of the Wolfe Wave pattern. When that breakout occurs, the indicator prints an up/down arrow on your chart (and also gives you audio and pop-up alerts), telling you that this Wolfe Wave pattern has been confirmed to be valid.

Otherwise, if that breakout never happens, the pattern is considered invalid.

Wolfe Wave Dashboard

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