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Do you want to become a CEO or not?
The choice is yours ..
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CEO Members

Here at our organisation, every member & employee is valued along with their contributions and queries; All who join our community are given the necessary tips and training to attain elite expertise in this field. Within six months, 90% of our members advance to a higher standard of trading upon gaining skills to fully understand and analyse the foreign exchange market and its various signals, effectively assess risks and using the appropriate margin leverages and lot sizes to maximise profit and in some cases minimise loss. The resources and support provided by our team here at CEO Traders is specifically catered to each individual, enabling you to have a dynamic and lucrative experience whilst trading.

CEO Traders Services

The services provided by CEO traders includes secrets to success, signals, courses, free robots & indicators, E-Books, 1:1 calls, weekly webinars, access to the CEO area and many more.

Secrets To Success

CEO Traders Signals

Trading Courses

Robots, Indicators & E-Books

1:1 Calls & Weekly Webinars

Cian F. Wright

"The Best Signal Group By Far! You will hit more take profits than stop losses overall and I would say the group provides an 85% win rate. Great response rate from the forex channel when i need to know something. Definitely, recommend getting involved!”

Chelsea Hughes

"When I first started with the CEO signals I knew barely anything about forex, after the second signal that was given out I was already up £500. Never thought money could be this easy to make."

Rodney Scerri

"Ak has given me around 10 signals since we first started and no word of a lie it has made me hundreds of pounds worth of profit. His signals have been successful 80% of the time. I recommend purchasing his signals if you want to make good money." 

How It Works

CEO Traders Signals

Joining the CEO Traders will entitle you to free indicators and robots as well as weekly trades and access to the CEO area. Make profits by having a professional provide you trades to mimic instead of learning market analysis yourself.

Beginner Membership

Being part of the beginner membership will make learning forex easy for you with a structured course. You will get access to the CEO Signals Group, the Members Area, Educational Videos, Unlimited Free Books, Free Access To Robots And Indicators, a 1-hour 1:1 Zoom call once a month, and Webinar sessions every Sunday.


The mentorship gives you peace of mind as an inexperienced trader knowing that I will be there to help you along the way to trading success. All of the beginner mentorship resources are available, in addition to extra 1:1 sessions to review your mistakes and strengths to advance as a developing trader.

Why Choose Us

Secrets to success

Best Trading Network Reviewed 

Certified Professional Traders

Numerous Satisfied Clients

Free services for members

Constantly Evolving

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